What is The FLARE?

The FLARE is a collection of deeply personal and passionate work which is formed by however inspiration strikes, be it a personal essay, flash fiction, or poetry.

There’s no niche here and I don’t intend for there to be. Work can range from horror to romance to notes on writing. The through-line however, is that I want to tell stories with weight. From the subtle details of commuter travel in “When Everything Stops” to the story of generational connections in “Once Upon a Time Your Parents Were Human”, moments in life, whether minute or monumental, are worth capturing in detail.

So who am I?

Someone who started writing many moons ago who shifted gears into a healthcare career. Whenever there was an opportunity to write, though, I took it. For almost a decade, I’ve written policies, procedures, and technical standards in a professional capacity. This is a new venture into creative writing which rekindles the feeling from those first few poems in my childhood bedroom.

The concept for this Substack was born of an idea of continuing to put work out there despite the echoing silence.

We all want to have an impact. We have the ability for our words to reach far and wide, but when they don’t, it’s understandably disappointing. However, sometimes the audience most captured by your work has just not seen it yet. I remind myself to be patient. The starlight we marvel at in the night sky may be decades or even hundreds of years old. It takes time, but what a wonderful sight when it gets to it someone’s curious eyes.

The FLARE is my signal out into space; it’s a search for connection, between people and in myself. I hope you see it. I hope it speaks to you.

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A multi-genre collection forging a connection with self and community. Short fiction | Poetry | Personal essays


Chevanne Scordinsky
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